Oxford Study Suggests No Gaming-Aggression Link

This is a debate which has been around for a long time now: do video games increase violence in adolescents. Druid Gaming's opinion has always been that generally it does not encourage people to be violent in 'the real world', but that it can act as a trigger for the few who were already aggressive beforehand. Probably a popular view? A good example of this is the manhunt killing. Clearly that kid was in a bad way, and the scenes from manhunt clearly gave him ideas as to how to kill is friend. This is not seen in a majority.

Our issue always stemmed from the generalistion and direct attacked towards games that violent video games would make a lot of people aggressive in 'real life'. Its just not true. 50 million people are currently playing Apex but we haven't seen a spike in violence as a result.

Anyway enough of our opinion. Oxford University is one of the most highly regarded university in the world, and they have recently reported on a study they conducted which investigated the link between social aggression in adolescents and violent video games. The first notable point is that two professors have highlighted the lack of solid research in the area. Suggestions of researcher bias and improper measures render previous evaluations in complete.

However most importantly this study dif conclude that no link was visible between violent video games and social violence. This was based on both objective measures and subjective measures if the child and parent.

To gamers this probably comes at no shock as we have been saying this for years but we would just like to point out that it's not all plain sailing for gaming. Bad things have happened (murders, suicides and a lot of hate and death threats) in the past and we need to take some social responsibility for this. The study highlights certain elements of gaming, such as trolling, as a behaviour which should probably be classed as anti-social. This we agree with.

You can read the full article and study here: http://www.ox.ac.uk/news/2019-02-13-violent-video-games-found-not-be-associated-adolescent-aggression#

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