Overwatch Winter Wonderland is here!

It's that time of the year! And this year Santa aka Mr Kaplan brings us not coal, but a 'Snowball Deathmatch' mode and some new skins!

To put the 'Snowball Deathmatch' simply, it's two Mei-only teams with snowball guns. But this year it comes with a twist! Players have the ability to 'catch' thrown snowballs to replenish their ammo, a bit like dodge ball. Whoever racks up 15 eliminations first wins. Sounds fun, right? Wait until you see the skins!

Signa's new skin portrays him as what can only be described as a frozen-demon-alpha-monster. But I must say, I love it.

It doesn't stop there, Blizzard are offering challenges that allow you to earn skin! The list includes; Holly skin for Moira, Snow Angel skin for Mercy and of course not forgetting Daddy 76 in his xmas jumper!

The event is active now ending on January the second - so check out the trailer right here and get downloading!


Peace and love, Druid Gaming out!

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