Overwatch League pro's give their thoughts on Baptiste

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Just checking in with one of your daily gaming posts/blogs - this time discussing hero 30!

For those of you that play Overwatch you'll know that one of the best way to get better is by watching the Pro's do their thing and learning first hand. These guys are next level. So when they give their insight in to how they think certain elements and characters will change the meta and ultimately the game, you listen.

Baptiste is set to be live next week and the impression is that he is going to have a large impact! Some say his arrival is an attempt to slow down and potentially stop GOATS. Baptiste is an extremely versatile support with a wide arsenal, check it out below!

You can hear the Pro's opinions and predictions in this fantastically insightful video below, brought to you by the one and only, Akshon Esports!

Let us know how you think Baptiste will impact Overwatch and the meta - don't hesitate to reach out and give us your thoughts!

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