Overwatch League: New York Excelsior win Stage 2

Last night the Overwatch League Stage 2 cafe to an end after 5 gruelling weeks. New York case into the final day as both stage leaders, and overall League leaders. 

In the first match of the night London Spitfire, the stage 1 champions, faced off against Philadelphia Fusion. Philadelphia performed well throughout stage 2 and snook into the title match playoffs with wins over gladiators and valiant in week 5. 

The match was incredibly close. London took the lead on map 1, Watchpoint: Gibraltar. Fusion then won Nepal and Hanamura back-to-back to put themselves one step away from reaching the final. However London were not done yet. A brilliant perferimance brought them back into the match with a 4-3 win on King’s Row. It all came down to Route 66. A huge performance from Snillo and Carpe in particular managed to force all 3 capture points for Fusion whilst also managing to hold London right beside the final point. 

After knocking the Stage 1 winners out Fusion suddenly no longer looked like much of an underdog. New York clearly hadn’t expected Fusion to be in the final as they made a very slow start, finding themselves down 2-0 very very quickly. After the match Mano admitted they had prepared for London and they clearly were thrown off from this. However with a quick change of mindset, New York suddenly looked unstoppable. On map 3, Volskaya Industries, they absolutely dominated; stopping Fusion taking the first point altogether. They carried the same intensity into Hollywood, stopping Fusion early again, this time just before the second point.

By this point it was hard to see what Fusion could do to stop the reverse sweep. Saebyeolbe and Libero were incredible in destroying Fusion’s tanks and healers quickly and it was enough to push them all the way to the final point. Libero was subsequently named player of the game but it could quite have easily been Saebyeolbe or Jjonak.

We now have a week break before stage 3 of the Overwatch League and DruidGaming will keep you updated throughout. Here’s he standings after Stage 2: