Outback Relief Profits are Donated to Australian Wildfire Support

This is a very nice touch from Infinity Ward. Their previous Outback packs that are available in-game in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are now going to be aptly renamed as Outback Relief packs. Purchasing one of these packs in-game, on all platforms by the way, will mean any profit made of the back of the Outback Relief packs is being donated in support of wildfire relief.

I'm sure most of you already know this but Australia is currently experiencing their worst Wildfires in decades, with many lives being lost by those unable to escape the fires and those fighting to put out fires. It's also reported that millions of animals have also died as a result of the fires despite heroic attempts of local groups to save as many as possible.

Australia experiences forest fires every year due to the intense levels of heat, but scientists are suggesting this is the worst ever due to the huge negative effects of global warming. If you're playing call of duty today why not stop by the shop and buy the Outback Relief pack, and just add a little bit more to the support which Australia is receiving!

If you don't play Modern Warfare then you can always visit the WWF website should you wish to donate still: