OpTic Gaming Win Final Season 2 Event

I reckon this is how football journalists feel when they write about Messi and Ronaldo - tired of writing about the same winners but maintaining a massive sense of respect for the new heights they keep reaching. There are a number of amazing Esports teams from past games but there is no doubt in my mind that OpTic Gears is as good as any, if not better.

They just keep on winning and there is nothing anyone can do about it. MLG Boston was the final major competitive event in the Gears of War Esports Season 2, and of Gears 4, with Gears 5 coming out later this year. They have been dominant all season so it wasn't exactly unexpected but at the same time there were a lot of strong teams this weekend, playing at a high standard. In fact this could be the best standard of any event to date, with teams like Ghost Gaming, Simplicity, Rise Nation, Reciprocity and Elevate all looking very strong throughout the event.

However Ashes and his team barely looked like they broke a sweat. There was a little bit of tension as Ghost won 3 rounds in a row on map 2 but OpTic just kicked it up another gear and dispatched them with ease.

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