NRG Dizzy is Insane at Apex Legends

Two weeks into Apex Legends and I'm sat here thinking how well I'm going on a handful of wins and a couple of hundred kills. And then I see Dizzy on Twitch with 6000 kills and God knows how many wins. The man is insane aat Apex, running round squad killing with just a Wingman and a dream. Take a look at Dizzy in this montage created by Twitch Clips.

There have been 2 tournaments over the last couple of weeks, Twitch Rivals & Code Red, and Dizzy has been Champion in both events (along with Ninja & fellow NRG teammate KingRichard). As of a couple of days ago Dizzy was on around 6000+ kills, but you have to assume by now hes surpassed 7000. He's already making a name for himself as the best Apex Legends player, and it will he interesting to see what happens over the coming months as we start to see more streamers and esports players come to light.

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