Ninja Hosts WE4ZY_E and His Channel Blows Up

Last night we witnessed a great moment that every streamer dreams of. As WE4ZY_E settled into his daily stream of Apex Legends he probably thought it was going to be a regular night on the grind. Little did he know that Ninja was looking for someone to host as he finished his stream and was instantly drawn to WE4ZY's Twitch bio which said "Positivity Legend". Watch the clip below as caught by 'Fortnite Syndrome'.

The moment Weazy realised what was happening was a thing of beauty. 30,000 streamers suddenly appeared in his chat and chaos ensued. Suddenly the chat was spammed with comments like 'Ninja Raid', 'Follow Weazy' and 'Everyone Sub'....and Ninja's fans did not disappoint. Subs came through at such a rate that Weazy's notifications broke and he couldn't even see who was subbing. His reaction is what made it the best. Yes Weazy, it is real :)

We hope Weazy continues to grow as a result and we hope more of the big streamers out there help those following in their footsteps. Big respect to Ninja for this.

Not that Weazy needs any more followers after last night but please don't forget to follow follow him on Twitch, Twitter and YouTube, and continue helping him to grow! #streamcon19 #streamcon2019 @druidgaming