Ninja explains why he won't play with Pokimane & unfortunately it makes sense

The brilliantly informative YouTube channel 'Twitch Clips Central' has done what it does best & has captured a frankly saddening moment by the vastly popular streamer, Ninja.

In the beginning of the clip Ninja discusses the potential around forming a one-off duo partnership with fellow streamer, Pokimane.

He responds to a fan asking when/if the collaboration will take place. His response: 'In a world where people wouldn't make just horrible assumptions if I played with girls - maybe.' He then goes on to state that social media would blow the collaboration out of proportion & there would be articles created that twist the two streamers relationship.

He maintains that he has to look after his relationship with his wife & we at Druid Gaming can't blame him. We can promise you one thing, Ninja. We will not be apart of the twisting and melding of your personal life just to get a story. Positive vibes only! We wish you and your wife the best.

You can check out the clip below which also contains a hilarious clip of CDN & much more - good job again, 'Twitch Clips Central'

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