Next Xbox Generation to include a streaming specific console

In years gone by games consoles were designed based on the fact most gamers wanted to play any and all games, whether it be to experience a number of styles of games or whether it was achievement hunting. This meant as we progressed from the 360 to One, and from PS3 to PS4 the main things we saw was an increase in hard drive space, access to more and more games and of course a strong focus on graphics and gameplay.

This hasn’t changed too much; E3 showed us that developers are still working on amazing games and there are so many out there that the above principles still apply.

On the other hand, there has been a huge industry shift which has left games consoles a long way behind the PC master race. The introduction of Twitch, Mixer, YouTube gaming etc has created a massive influx of gamers who now want to stream games, and gamers who want to watch streamers. Arguably, when the Xbox One and PS4 came out, this wasn’t really a market worth focusing on, but things changed quickly and only PC could really offer a complete streaming experience.

That’s about to change. Project Scarlett, which was teased at E3 this year has been confirmed as a console designed specifically for streaming. It will be released alongside a separate Xbox console of the specs we are used to (large storage, improved graphics etc). But the Xbox Scarlett will reportedly have less storage and run mainly through ‘Scarlett Cloud’ services. This means less processing power will be needed in the actual console, allowing it to be sold at a much cheaper rate than we are used to seeing new consoles sold at.

It sounds like the Cloud services will be run on a monthly subscription basis to allow access to the games, similar to the Xbox Game Pass that you can currently purchase. Microsoft hint at this being a very smooth and easy way to run games but as a number of comments from fans have pointed out - what about those with slow internet connections? And also, what will happen when the servers go down - will you have any games to play at all?

Obviously these concerns are things that will become more clear as more information is released about the new generation Xbox consoles. Druid Gaming are very excited about this one and will be keeping an eye on all news about this.

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