New Weapon coming to Apex Legends?

The Apex Legends season 1 battle pass: Wild Frontier has now been out for 6 days and players have had plenty of time to look through at what there is to offer. Fans have been a little disappointed at the lack of character skins on the pass but overall the feeling is still positive.

With the launch of the battle pass came the new Legend, Octane. And with some players already getting 500+ kills with Octane already it seems like this addition went down a treat. However there could also be another big addition to the game in the next few days with the inclusion of a new gun: Sureshot.

Data miners have done their usual trick of spoiling the surprise by finding multiple suggestions of the new gun, which appears to be a shotgun. Mendo has caught on to this and discussed it in a video last night, but more importantly shows a clip of Bangalore saying that shotgun shells 'would go well with the sureshot'.

Spoilers or not we are happy to hear that a new shotgun will be released...maybe they'll even replace the Mozambique with it...we can dream.

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