New Halo Title will not Include Battle Royale Mode

Halo is a household game and potentially one of the best titles ever to hit our xbox's. The multiplayer mode is almost as iconic as the brilliant campaigns and provided many years of entertainment. With the new title under development there has of course been speculation as to what the campaign will entail, what new features will be added to the multiplayer mode & some people have even speculated a battle royale mode.

Earlier this week however the developers nipped the latter thought in the bud, clearly stating that no battle royale mode would be featured in the new Halo title.

At first I thought, fair play to the devs for not jumping on the Battle Royale band wagon. We have a lot of games now in this genre and whilst they are fun, we also would like to see some non-battle royale titles come back into fashion.

However another part of me thought, how good would a Halo Battle Royale be?! A bunch of Spartans using Warthogs and Mongoose's to get around, Banshee battles going on in the sky, whilst teammates fight it out to be number one with Battle Rifles, Needlers and Plasma Grenades. And obviously you'd have the infamous sword as rare loot. Tell me that wouldn't be so much fun. However if they were going to do this we'd all want it to be done like COD have done it, with the usual multiplayer modes available and the Battle Royale mode separate.

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