Microsft's brand new game 'Bleeding Edge' looks insane... and it's out soon!

That's right Microsoft are about to drop a bomb. Bleeding Edge looks like a mash-up of every game you've ever needed. The release date? March 24th, 2020... it's time to get excited!

Some fun facts about the game:

- 4v4 online

- Gain points out of /200 through eliminations and capturing the objective

- Cross-platform play

- Only available on Xbox and PC

- Dedicated roles (Support, Tank, DPS)

- Highly immersive characters

- Extremely diverse and interactive game-play

Check out some of the gameplay below:


There have been statements that this is the new OW? Personally I don't think anything can replace Overwatch, however, I can see their point!

Bleeding Edge has a verity of really cool characters and great animation. The attention to detail is brilliant, characters abilities look perfected and have meticulous little aesthetic features.

The game is only in BETA stage at the moment so bugs are still an issue and the match-making system is yet to be tested. The same goes for the impact of queuing alone or without a full squad - how imbalanced will a full squad v 4 solo queuers be?

From what we can see this game deserves some real excitement and hype. It could be the next big game... the real deal... only time will tell!

Check out the video above and let us know your thoughts!

From everyone here at Druid Gaming ...Peace out!

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