Mendokusaii Sets Apex Legends' Kills World Record

Apex Legends has only been out a couple of weeks and already people are setting high kill records. Only a week ago Dizzy posted a video with 33 kills which set a new world record. Two days ago that record was beaten again by Mendokusaii, setting the new world record at 36 kills.

Mendo isn't exactly a nobody in the gaming world, you may recently note his presence on the Houston Outlaws roster, competing in the Overwatch League. He mainly plays as DPS characters in Overwatch and it's clear to see why as he takes opponents out with ease in the video.

Probably the best thing about all of this for me is how humble he is at the end, stating he was lucky because of all the bots he came across. No need to be modest Medo, you smashed it.

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