Meet the Druid Gaming Streaming Team

With StreamCon 19 approaching Druid Gaming are continuing to fulfill our goals in helping streamers grow. Every streamer has their own goals and ambitions and we would love to help bring those to light! We have even established our very own streaming team with more being added to the roster very soon!


Meet Szymon AKA Druid Renegade. His climb to GM in the vastly popular Esports game, Overwatch, has showed his ability as top gamer. The 18 year old support main has a strong career ahead of him. With the likely goal of reaching Overwatch Contenders next year, Szymon could potentially be exactly what U.K. Overwatch needs. His streams are always chilled, funny and entertaining - so make sure to stop by and say hello! @druidrenegade


Next on the roster is Kacper AKA Druid Mystic. One of the most talented Fortnite Streamers in the U.K. consistently streaming in top 20 games. Kacpers charm, skill and humble likability has seen his following grow to over 500 followers in just 6 weeks of streaming. At just 16 years of age this kid is one to watch in the U.K. Fortnite scene. Watch out Ninja! Streaming most evenings make sure to check his talent out for yourself!


If this is something that you like the sound of, reach out! We're always open to the idea of taking on new streamers - but be ready to work! Don't forget to check out our most recent and exciting event to date, StreamCon 2019!