Maximize Your Performance with an Energy Boost

In today's society, gaming and Esports are more popular than they've ever been before. Couple this with COVID-19 and you find an increased number of gamers at home playing video games. This means there is more competition for you when trying to reach the highest ranks of your favourite game. In order to get ahead of the competition you need to work harder than ever before and elevate your game to new heights. One way to do this is by drinking G Fuel. A clean, natural alternative to the standard sugary energy drinks you usually see, G Fuel provides a boost in 4 key areas: Energy, Focus Endurance and Hydration. By taking G Fuel you are helping your body and mind reach the next level of performance, ensuring you crush the competition from the word go!

Where can I get G Fuel?

Our partners, Lime Pro Gaming, are the official UK Distributor of G Fuel. They offer a full range of G Fuel flavours & shakers as well as a number of other gaming accessories including meal replacement shakes, controller grips, green screens and much more! They often have discounts and offers available so make sure to keep an eye on their website, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Not sure what flavour to pick?

Hype Sauce: A mind-bending combination of raspberry and lemonade is sure to get you hypred up and ready for the competition!

Faze Berry: Certainly a fan-favourite in the Druid community. A perfect blend of pomegranate, strawberry and acai berries mix together to create this perfect concoction!

Blue Ice: One of the most popular flavours of G Fuel is Blue Ice. Drinking Blue Ice feels like your at the cinema as a kid drinking Slush Puppies!

Visit Lime Pro Gaming and see everything they have in store for you: