Martha Is Dead is aiming for 'Photorealistic Graphics'

Horror games have always been a favourite of mine ever since I first played Resident Evil 2 (the original) when I was a kid. The tense feeling of walking around a poorly lit room looking for a way out, all-the-while knowing that a zombie is going to jump out on me at any time gives you an adrenaline boost like no other game type.

As the years have passed, graves have got more and more intense, partly because of the improved game design (the sound tracks and environments are now much more immersive), but also because of how incredible graphics are becoming. You really start to get that feeling where you a in the game yourself when you play a game with top graphics and this only adds to the level of panic when a zombie starts chasing you.

Upcoming horror game 'Martha Is Dead' is looking to take this theme to the next level, with the developers explaining that they want their game's graphics to be 'photorealistic'. Dud to be released for the PC and PS5, Martha is Dead will place players in 1944 Italy, during WWII. The daughter of a family, Martha, is found dead having been drowned in a nearby lake, and her body desecrated. As the player you will be traversing through a war torn Tuscany, dealing with 'mysterious folklore' as you investigate the death of Martha.

The game sounds interesting and we are looking forward to seeing just how good the graphics are, and whether they add a new level of fear to gaming. There is no official release date yet, other than the fact it will come out for the PS5. It may be that it comes out as a launch title, or it may be that we have to wait a little longer. Either way, I'm definitely going to play it!