Mario Kart Tour is Coming to Mobiles on September 25th

The wait is nearly over - everyone's favourite racing game is coming to mobile very soon!!! Yes that's right, the original friendship-ruiner is coming to mobile devices on September 25th so now you can blue shell your friend on the finish line from anywhere in the world. Mario Kart Tour is the latest intallment of the Mario Kart franchise and will be exclusive to mobile. The game will feature all of your favourite characters, but this time they will be racing around some of the world's most famous cities such as London, Paris and Toyko.

Druid Gaming are very interested in how this will turn out, having played some very similar, Mario Kart esc 'drive and shoot' games on mobile before. These have all worked well so it's not unrealistic to think that Nintendo will make this game very memorable indeed. The trailer certainly gets us hyped:

Our only real fear for this game will be the micro transaction feature. The game itself will be free to download however the closed beta for Mario Kart Tour had a transaction system which always will be worrying until we found out the full extent of the shop. At this stage it isnt exactly clear what you would have to buy, and whether you would need to pay-to-win - which nobody wants! We hope it will he similar to Fortnite and Apex, where the game is free and the only microtransactions will be for cosmetic items. Our worry is that you will have to pay to unlock faster cars/better abilities.

Only time will tell with this but generally speaking everyone at Druid Gaming is pretty buzzing for a mobile version of Mario Kart and you can bet your ass there will be some hefty competition between the staff here. Who is your money on? Let us know in the comments 😉