Mario Kart Tour Finally gets Multiplayer

Mario Kart Tour is the 10th installment of the popular racing title, and the first to make it onto mobile devices. It was released last year and has been popular ever since, but it always lacked one major option - the ability to play against your friends.

After nearly 6 months, Nintendo have finally dropped and update which includes the addition of a multiple game mode. There is now a global multiplayer mode where you can compete against players worldwide. In global multiplayer, everyone plays one track at the same time and then every 15 minutes, the track will change.

However if you want to only play against your mates, this is possible too. Everyone will need their own Nintendo account, and be linked up with each other. You can then go into a custom game and invite them all to play. It's finally to prove that your are the best Mario Kart Tour racer!