Mario kart is coming to mobile

With all the excitement of Fortnite and PUBG being released on mobile it seems as if Nintendo want to follow suite as they are releasing one of there most successful franchises of all time on to the handheld as they look to bring out mario kart mobile. The game is in development and will be called Mario Kart Tour. Nintendo have been very quiet about this and haven’t really said a great deal about a release date but thanks to a quote from the game’s publisher we now know that it will be available in the next financial year. In terms of cost it’s hard to say whether Mario Kart Tour will be free to play with micro transactions or a one time purchase game with no paid extras to follow. Our guess at Druid gaming is that like Super Mario Run the title will be released as a free trial. This may then give access to a couple of tracks and characters, and after successful completion of the trial you then can purchase the full game but as for now that’s just a theory. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting new addition to the mobile.