Make your voice heard!

Your microphone is arguably the most important part of your streaming setup. Whether you are live streaming or recording videos, having clear & crisp audio quality for your fans is paramount. Using a high-quality microphone makes all the difference, allowing dialogue to be heard clearly above game noises, music and sound effects. Today were looking at the Trust GXT 244 Buzz mic and getting the thoughts of DruidSneeky who gives his reasons for using the mic in his own setup, and why he thinks it’s a must for streamers and Youtubers.

First and foremost, the audio capturing ability of ‘The Buzz’ is absolutely fantastic. Its cardioid recording pattern allow your voice to be picked up clearly by isolating it from all the other noises in your environment. That means reduced keyboard, mouse and controller clicking, no dogs barking and generally nothing else that could interfere with your stream. The Buzz is also designed to be insanely easy to use. It comes with a plug and play USB connection, meaning no hassle to set it up, and an easy-to-adjust stand with a 1.8m cable, meaning it’s very diverse as to where it can be placed whilst still picking up every word.

One thing can be quite off putting about microphones is their price tag; a lot of mic’s on the market can seem quite expensive. The Buzz comes in at a very affordable £69.99, which is ideal for any level of streamer, whether you are just starting out or Twitch veteran. One typical setback with cheaper products can be durability, but the cherry on top of the cake for The Buzz is how strong it is. Boasting a metal blade tripod and shock resistant mount, The Buzz is strong enough to survive some of the most entertaining rage-quits…you know what I’m talking about.

Despite the fact your viewers may never see your mic, appearance is still incredibly important for us. Look good, feel good, play good we say…and just look at it.

It really is a slick, suave looking mic that would complement even the most professional of streaming setups.

So what does Sneeky say?

“This mic was a great choice as it’s got crystal clear definition and highly raises the quality of my stream. The Microphone is stand-alone which is perfect, as you can adjust its distance from you, thus changing your output, which is a great tool to have. Overall I would highly recommend the Trust GXT 244 Buzz to any streamers starting out, or even experienced ones, as it is stylish, high quality and can be used on PS4, Xbox One and PC.”

Check their full range out here:

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