Mad Box: the New Rival Console?

Console gamers eagerly waiting to hear about new generations for PlayStation and Xbox over the last few months, with snippets of information being released occasionally. However there might just have been a new release that could be worth considering. Slightly Mad Studios have just announced their console: the Mad Box, and it looks slick.

Over the last few months Slightly Mad Studios have been gaining followers after images were released of the console's design, and you can see why. The shape and appearance certainly are amazing and by the sounds of it the technical specs should also live up to the same high standards. Boasting 4K graphica, 60FPS VR capabilities, LED touch screen pads and 'precision triggers (whatever they are, I need them!!) the Mad Box surely is a contender among the big boys of console gaming.

It sounds like no more big announcements will be made any time soon for the Mad Box, and suggestions of release are around the 2021 mark, but we'll definitely be keeping our eyes on this.

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