Looking to catch every frame?

IIYAMA’s G-Master range captures every experience from 75 – 144Hz. Today we're going to be checking out their 27” G-Master GB2760HSU Red Eagle 144Hz gaming monitor. I personally have one of these for my gaming setup and I absolutely love it! To start, let's take a look at the fundamentals and check out the stats for this fantastic gaming monitor:· 1920x1080 · 27" · 144Hz · FreeSync · 1ms response time · Contrast Ratio 80M:1 · Panel Type TN As a quick summary, the stats above are pretty much everything you will need to perform at the highest standard - whether that be competitively or on your streams. This monitor has everything covered, particularly for PC gaming. For us one of the most important factors is that this monitor runs at 144Hz, meaning you can match this with your frames and play at 144 frames per second (FPS)! This is a significant performance increase from the common 60Hz/FPS and a complete level up when it comes to gaming experience. Often you will find other gaming monitors of this calibre are only available at 24". We want to appreciate the fact that this monitor comes in at 27" - offering a wider display to immerse yourself in! Aesthetically this monitor is very easy to look at. The panels, interface and trimming are all very clean. It's actually very hard to find anything that is 'ugly' on this monitor. It also functions very well too - the adjustable neck is firm, but easy to use, meaning it can be adjusted for maximum ergonomical benefits without having to worry about it sliding back down out of place. The price of this monitor is £209.99 which is actually an incredibly competitive price for a 27", 144Hz gaming monitor. You can pick up yours on the Overclockers website through the dedicated Druid Gaming page. We're working with both OCUK and IIYAMA to make sure our community has the best offers available! Check it out here: www.overclockers.co.uk/druidgaming

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