KSI Vs Piers Morgan

Earlier today ITV’s Good Morning Britain host, Piers Morgan, challenged popular YouTube start KSI to a ‘King of the Internet’ duel. KSI was on the show discussing his upcoming bout with Logan Paul in London and various other topics when Piers Morgan started to take the piss out of KSI for having 2 Million fewer Twitter followers.

Piers Morgan obviously considers himself as quite the Internet celebrity albeit typically known for stirring up arguments and debates with other famous people and even the general public. The argument with KSI was to see who could get the most retweets and the winner would be the ‘King of the Internet. See the standings as of 20:15 UK time:

Needles to say, KSI smashed Piers Morgan in this contest. A lot of tweets on KSI’s post were saying they were only there so that Piers Morgan didn’t win but a hell of a lot of KSI fans were there to help their favourite YouTuber out. For Druid Gaming it is always nice to see the popularity of gamers and streamers, particularly when they come under fire from Dinosaurs who don't understand how important it is to some people.

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