Jack Black is Starting a YouTube Gaming Channel

Yoh probably know Jack Black from a long list of movies such as School of Rock & Shallow Hal, or perhaps from his musical career in Tenacious D. You're perhaps less familiar with his love for gaming which he's now applied into his new channel, Jablinski Games.

Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuriCa9loP_OsH75_5j8M5w

Jack Black started the channel on 21st December and already has over 1 million subscribers. Currently he only has 1 video in which he takes digs at both Ninja and Pewdiepie, claiming he'll be bigger than both of them in time.

We sure hope so and we're sure you'll agree, as he's hilarious in everything he' been in previously and no doubt will continue to be on Jablinksi Games.

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