It's almost time for Red Dead Redemption 2!


Release date: 26 Oct 2018

Publisher: Rockstar Games

Developer: Rockstar Studios

Genre: Action-adventure RPG

Platforms: PlayStation 4 · Xbox One


In the late 1800’s America was fast evolving from the wild west as we knew it to be today. Meaning it does come complete with towns and saloons full of scoundrels, thieves, crooks, conmen and cowboys as we would expect, however it was a time when the age of the outlaws was dying, meaning the more modern, industrial and civilised world was starting to take its place in history.

Introducing Arthur Morgan (below)

In Red Dead Redemption 2 Rockstar have set out to create not just a beautiful looking OpenWorld game, oh no, they have looked to design a fully functioning living, breathing world. That’s right, get excited because it looks spectacular! As you wonder around the vast lands of Red Dead II you’ll come across towns and settlements full of different societies of people not to mention many different animals throughout the world too. They have from what we can tell put some real time into the way world functions around you the player, with lots of possible random interactions taking place as you stroll through this incredible looking game.

A beautiful looking landscape. (below)

You have to find your inner grit as you take control of an outlaw named Arthur Morgan, a senior member of the notorious Van der Linde gang. The Van der Linde gang consists of outlaws and outcasts who are on the run from the pressure of newly civilised life.

The Van der Linde Gang (below)

Each time the gang are forced to from an area the gang move on a set up camp in a new area. When the camp is set, this is where the gang members, as well as Arthur can Eat, sleep, play games, gamble or even just sit around the fire and listen to new stories of the west. These are the people who Arthur calls family.