Is World War 3 Your New Game to Stream?

World War 3 has quickly become one of the most interesting games of the month since ite release last week, on 19th October. In the first 48 hours over 100,000 copies were sold which is pretty impressive for a game of this magnitude.

World War 3 is military first-person shooter set in a modern-day warzone. as Matimi0 highlights in the play-through below, developer The Farm 51 seems to have gone for a Call of Duty, Battlefield style game with personalised weaponry, tactical combat and military drones.

Matimi0 World War 3 playthrough:

When World War 3 was initially released players did experience a lot of issues and bugs, which definitely has a part to play in the current Steam rating (6/10). However as The Farm 51 has patched the game players have been reporting how enjoyable it is.

Currently on Twitch it seems to be that around 2500 viewers are watching the game but with it still being early doors this could be a good time to jump on the band wagon before it picks up too much steam.

If you do play this game then Druid Gaming would love to hear your thoughts first hand. Drop us your experience in the comments section and let everyone else know if it’s worth picking up World War 3 for their stream as well.

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