Is Fortnite: Endgame the best LTM yet?

With the MCU's Avengers arc coming to a close in the latest film Endgame, Epic Games have once again teamed up with the movie franchise to provide a limited time mode starring Thanos. You may remember the original LTM last year in which you could pick up with Gaunlet and turn into Thanos. This was a huge deal when it came out, and a brilliant crossover event, but in reality it got boring quite quickly. Once you'd picked up the gaunlet it became quite difficult to actually win as every player in the game started focusing their fire on you, meaning you died pretty easily (although this seems like regular gameplay to me lol).

However with Endgame out in cinemas at the moment the newest Fotnite x Avengers mashup changes the game slightly. The main difference is that there are now two teams of 20 players competing against each other, one repping the Avengers and the other repping Thanos and his cronies (known as Chitauri). The team of Chitauri use energy laser guns and grenade launchers to destroy structures, taking down the Avengers team. As an avenger team you have access to a number of the weapons seen in the films such as Hawkeye's bow, Iron Man's Gauntlets, Thor's Axe and Captain America's shield.

Throughout the match Infinity Stones drop from the sky and land on the map. The first Chitauri to pick a stone up becomes Thanos and with each extra stone that is picked up his army becomes stronger. Your job as an Avenger is to defend the stones because if all six are collected you'll have a tough match on your hands. The end game starts when either 100 kills are inflicted upon Chitauri or all six stones are in possession, at which point it's ats a fight to have the last person standing.

So far this mode has been really entertaining and hasn't become boring yet, as many of Fortnite's LTMs have. What do you guys think? Best one yet or another boring mode? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to follow us on all social media platforms @druidgaming and check out our latest and most exciting event, StreamCon 2019! Catch you next time! #streamcon19 #streamcon2019 @druidgaming