Introducing the Xbox Series X

The term Scarlett has been synonymous with the project that Microsoft has been working on for their next generation of Xbox. That term ends here as new details have been released for the 4th installment (not including the One S and One X) , which will be called Xbox Series X.

First impression is that it looks like a PC tower and after claims that it would be 4 times more powerful than the Xbox One we're hoping performance will also be PC-like. The intention behind the design itself was to allow a console that fits within your entertainment centre easily, and with the sleek and minimalistic looks it certain won't look out of place with today's TVs and sound systems. There is one large fan inside which is large enough to keep the console cool, but efficient enough so that you can barely hear it.

The controller looks almost exactly like the current Xbox One generation controllers, with one subtle difference being a third small button in the middle of the pad. This is a share button which more easily allows you to record gameplay - which let's face it, is a massive improvement on the current method. In terms of hardware the Xbox Series X will be running an NVMe SSD hard drive and will use GDDR6 memory for RAM.

Initial talks of the Xbox Series X suggest long term plans are in mind, with cloud based gaming and high-level graphics and speed in mind. For many years consoles have been considered inferior to PCs but with the initially announcements for the PS5 and Series X it sounds like both are trying very hard to close the gap from this perspective. More information is likely to be released throughout events in 2020 and of course more games that will feature on the new Xbox, other than Halo Infinite, are going to start being announced as time progresses.

It's certainly an interesting step in the gaming industry and one which could define the next decade for consoles.