Introducing Hitmarker: the brand that will help you find a job in Esports

Our mission at Druid Gaming has always been to help the next generation find their passion, and establish a long career working in gaming and Esports. Since the early days of Druid we have been visiting schools, attending careers fairs and posting on social media with the goal of informing as many students as possible about how fantastic the gaming and Esports sectors are to work in.

Despite the UK being the 5th largest gaming market in the world, and despite it being the largest creative industry (bigger than music and film combined), there is still a huge shortage of people who have the skills needed. This is largely due to the huge lack of information for students on what the industry is, what jobs there are available and how to get onto the career ladder.

We have been visiting schools and careers fairs across the country to raise awareness, alongside our Career Guide, which has provided everything you need to know about the jobs on offer, and the skills and qualifications needed to become hireable. But what happens when you're ready to start your work in gaming and Esports? How do you actually get that dream job? That's where our newest partner, Hitmarker, comes in!

Hitmarker is the world's largest platform for gaming and Esports jobs. Many of the best gaming and Esports companies in the UK, and the world, work with Hitmarker to advertise any roles they have. By visiting Hitmarker you can search for your dream job, whether that be entry level or Senior, technical or creative. You can find everything from 3D artist to a video editor jobs at Hitmarker.

In the next few months we'll be sharing some more fantastic insight from Hitmarker, offering tips and advice about how you can start your career in gaming and Esports! In the meantime, be sure to also check our their fantastic range of career advice articles, which cover topics such as creating a portfolio, nailing your interviews, developing your skills and so much more. When it comes to applying for jobs in gaming and Esports, Hitmarker have you covered.