Hearthstone to receive over $4 million in prize money for 2019

As our fans will know, Druid Gaming has a big interest in Overwatch, whether it's playing ourselves, watching the Overwatch League / World Cup or supporting Druid Renegade on his quest to be the best in Europe. However it was another of Blizzard's big games that caught our eye today.

Hearthstone, the competitive strategy card game played by millions worldwide has several esports tournaments each year. Overall there will be over $4 million dollars of prize money up for grabs with particular focus on the global online tournaments which will reportedly have around $250,000 of prize money each.

This format of tournaments is new to the Hearthstone esports scene, for which more information will be released in the coming weeks. This goes to show not only how big Hearthstone is as a game, but how insanely massive the esports industry is becoming.

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