Great News for Borderlands 3 fans! 

After half a decade of development, a whole host of eager fans finally got to play the third installment of Gearbox's famous looters-shooter: Borderlands 3. However if you were one of the few who have been eagerly awaiting its arrival, but haven't been able to purchase it, your time has come. As of today (21st November), Borderlands 3 is available as a free to play game on both Xbox and PS4. Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass Ultimate and PlayStation Plus members can all get a free download of the game for the next 3 days. Further, the new DLC will also be included which includes the new challenge Takedown at the Waliwan Blacksite. If you are busy this weekend then the other bit of good news is that Black Friday should also see some offers on Borderlands 3 as well. No specifics at the moment but this is all-round good news for Borderlands 3 fans. For more news and to find out about all the upcoming Druid Gaming events, visit