Google Announce Game Streaming Platform

Tech Giant Google are leading the way in the development of an online game streaming platform. We don't mean in the sense of Twitch and Mixer, we mean in the sense of Netflix, where you would choose a game you want to play and do so over the downloading, no disks. Sounds awesome, right?

Well it could be the reality in 2019 according to Google. Anybody that has access to Google Chrome and Wifi will soon be able to play AAA games at 4K and 60 FPS. To put that in perspective, the Xbox One x and PS4 Pro can support both at the same time, but not with all games.

Its certainly a big claim but if they do manage to pull it off this will be insane. Fears of lag and high ping are what critics seem to be pointing to at this early stage but no doubt Google will release more as we approach the release of Stadia.

A look at the Stadia's controller

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