Gears 5 release Super Bowl themed Executions 

It's Super Bowl Sunday and that can only mean one thing, new executions in Gears 5, of course....

Gears 5 are releasing two new executions and various cosmetic items today, all of which have to be unlocked. These include:

- Spike Execution

- Punt Execution

- Thrasball weapon skins

To earn these executions and skins you will have to earn then by playing the "Big Weekend" event. Simply logging in will earn you the Punt Execution for the Gnasher which features in the image above. In order to unlocked the Spike Executiom you will need to play the Arcade Blitz Double Trouble game mode, which has been brought back as a LTM. This mode requires players to capture rings whilst also earning skills which in turn allow the player to unlock better weapons. If you win 3 matches in this game mode you will unlock the Spike Execution for the Lancer.

The Thrasball weapons skins for loadout guns can be purchased with 500 iron, whilst the non-loadout Thrasball weapon skins have been added to the supply pool, which players can unlock by naturally playing games and getting supply crates.

I've got to say that the executions are very Gears, we love them! What do you think of the Super Bowl unlockables?