Gaming Laptops from Overclockers UK

We've spoken a lot about Overclockers' range of desktop gaming PCs. They offer a wide range of options, to suit anybody from casual gamers to professionals. However their store is not limited to desktops, as they also offer an unbelievable range of gaming Laptops as well. If you're a gamer who moves around a lot, and are looking for that extra level of flexibility, then a gaming laptop could be exactly what you're looking for.

Laptops are fantastic as they are designed to contain what's in a desktop, but come with a lightweight, portable chassis. These can range from a versatile home PC, to the ultimate VR gaming laptop! Take a look at some of the fantastic laptops available at OcUK:


- NVIDIA RTX Graphics Card

- Intel Core i7 Processor

- CPU and GPU Cooling Systems

- Steelseries Keyboard

- 16GB RAM

- 144Hz Refresh Rate

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Razer Blade 15

- NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX Graphics

- Intel Core i7 Processor

- 15.6", 144Hz HD edge-to-edge Display

- 16GB RAM

- Razer Chroma RGB Keyboard

- Microsoft Precision Touchpad

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As you can see, the power, precision and definition that are available in gaming laptops is surprisingly comparable to that of a desktop PC. Of course, you are limited by the amount of upgrades available, but the fact you can take your gaming setup with you more than makes up for this. Take a look through Overclockers' full range of gaming laptops here: