'Gaming Addiction is a Disease' says World Health Organisation 

I think we all saw this coming: the World Health Organisation has classed gaming addiction as a disease. In other words: excessive or compulsive use of computer or video games, to the extent that it affects a person's daily life.

I appreciate there is a lot of controversy around this subject, so I won't go as far as saying I agree 100% either way, however I do think there needs to be more awareness. I'm confident I'm not alone in the experience of neglecting some of my other duties and chores to get a few extra games in. And I'm positive I'm not the only person who has ever inadvertently been tired at work having played until 2AM. This is affecting our ability to work to our full potential.

The issue is that games are so damn good these days it's easy to get hooked on a game and look forward to playing it all the time. A lot of gamers will tell you that this excitement around a game is the same as their excitement to a sport, or seeing their friends. The problem is that it's unhealthy to sit around all day and when it becomes common to neglect other areas of your life, this is where help needs to be provided.

I understand I've barely scratched the surface in this article but Druid Gaming is committed to helping gamers enjoy games to their fullest, providing a platform for streamers to grow & encouraging competitive gamers to become great esports athletes. However it is our duty to ensure care to our viewers and as a result we will be having some guest speakers at Streamcon to go deeper into the subject. Keep your eyes open for that guys.

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