Fortnite x IT Chapter 2 Crossover??

Epic Games have had some pretty awesome crossovers in the past. Particular favourites of Druid Gaming have been The Avengers, John Wick and Marshmello but this new one is pretty cool we must say. After a string of Fortnite leaks on Twitter it looks like the next Crossover event could be with Stephen King's IT.

No confirmation has been made by Epic Games but with the release of IT 2 coming to the big screen on 6th September, and Fortnitemares (Fortnites regular Halloween event) just around the corner it's not that hard to believe. And generally a lot of Fortnite leaks seem to be true in the end.

I'm struggling to think of anything big they could do with this collaboration, and it's more than likely there will be a few little shoutouts to the film. But most likely we will get to enjoy playing as Pennywise, the creepy-ass clown from IT. I must admit it would be pretty damn scary having my wall knocked down by Pennywise! I mean...look at him:

What's your favourite collaboration/crossover? Let us known in the comments, and what you think about the potential IT crossover.