Fortnite World Cup to have Prize Pool of $100 Million

Epic Games announced a couple of days ago that their upcoming 'Fortnite World Cup' will have a prize pool of $100 million. Hundreds of players will compete for their share of the $100 million, which is an insane amount of money.

The tournament will run from 13 April - 16 June, and will e broken down into 10 weekly qualifiers, open to anyone to take part. Each week will have $1 million prizes for players to earn. Once these 10 weeks are completed, the top 100 solo players, and top 50 duos will earn the right to play in the finals, in New York, 26-28 July.

This looks like another smart play by Epic Games, who have found a reduction in player base since the release of Apex Legends. After they announced that players could win a free battle pass for season 8 by completing challenges, this could be another great way for Fortnite to keep its players playing and the viewers watching.

Who is your money on? Let us know in the comments.

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