Fortnite: Season 6 Fan Theories

With season 5 drawing towards a close at the end of this month speculation and rumours surrounding season 6 are running rampant! One thing everyone seems to agree on and by looking at some of the games coding is that the cube and loot lake have a connection, as of now the cube has been in that area for a little while so it would make sense to see something big happen within the loot lake area. As to what will happen opinions vary -Some believe that the cube will go to loot lake and absorb all of the water making for new terrain, others have even speculated further that the cube will explode at the lake draining the water and then a volcano will cover where the lake once was. Another theory fans have aired is that the cube is extraterrestrial so we could see some type of futuristic or alien altercations to the map, such as larger zero gravity areas and perhaps loot lake being a new futuristic city or some type of portal. The decision around keeping one map but altering it with these seasonal changes seems to be working so far and certainly keeps players guessing, keep your eyes pealed on that cube during the last stretch of season 5!

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