Fortnite season 4 is here!

Season 4 has finally landed and it’s given us a huge update to the game which makes it hard to know what to talk about first, but let’s start with the comet’s landing. It has finally been revealed where the largest comet has crash landed and it was not tilted towers, where the majority expected. It actually crashed into Dusty Depot which is now known as “Dusty Divot” The Comet has taken out one of Dusty’s three warehouses, but it has left more than just a big hole in the ground. There is in fact a piece of the comet still stuck in the earth and it seems it has been surrounded by a military base so that military personnel can further examine the comet which has caused so much destruction.

Another addition to this area is a new item which are seen as smaller fragments of the comet called “hop rocks”. The clue is in the name, as when you use this item you can temporarily hop in the air and defy gravity - which in effect allows you to jump higher and gives you more air time. Druid Gaming are looking froward to seeing what you guys will do with these hop rocks as we are sure there going to be the root of some pretty cool plays. There has been a new location added to the map called “Risky Reels”, which can be found just above Wailing Woods and is definitely worth checking out. There have also been other small changes throughout the map caused by the smaller comets crash landing but I believe we have covered the more major updates. 

Ok so now let’s talk skins, as the skins this season are absolutely awesome. A quick note as well is that with some of these skins you also unlock skin specific challenges which award you with additional cosmetics for that skin when completed.

Here are the following skins with their corresponding tier level... 

Tier 1 - Carbide

Tier 1 - Battlehawk

Tier 23 - Teknique

Tier 47- Zoey

Tier 71 - Valor

Tier 87 - Squad leader

Tier 100 - Omega

Another quick note for the Fortnite fans is that the crossbow has been taken out of the game which in our oppinion is not a great loss... that’s all from us for now but stay tuned for more.