Fortnite Gifting is Live

Finally gifting has been enabled on Fortnite. It’s something we at Druid Gaming have been waiting for and a lot of fans have said how much they wanted it. Well it’s live now on all platforms except iOS (because Apple‘s terms restrict it).

Finally you squad can chip in and get that tight mate a skin who refuses to buy the battle pass on a free game! And what better time to introduce is as we come into the Festive Season.

However Epic pointed out a few points to make sure you’re doing it right:

- Have multi-factor authentication enabled

- must have been friends with someone for 48 hours

- Only 3 gifts per 24 hour period can be given

- Gifts are non-refundable

- You can only gift items that are available in the shop

All you need to do is click an item in the shop and hit the gift button and you can send your friends that gift

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