Fortnite Accidentally Gave Players Hundreds of Battle Stars

If you’ve not been on Fortnite today yet we’d certainly recommend doing so. Those who have already been online today, particularly doing the Fortnitemares challenges may have noticed a significant amount of progress through the battle pass.

The three tier challenge introduced today would normally give around 10 Battle Stars. However today’s challenge which started with ‘Visit Wailing Woods’ for 1 Battle Star looked fairly standard on the surface, that is until you complete the Wailing Woods section. The next part of the challenge was ‘Visit Fatal Fields‘ - however this challenge offered around 150 Battle stars. Complete that and you’ll be faced with the final tier requiring you to ‘Visit Haunted Hills’. At this point players were rewarded with 200 Battle Stars.

Clearly some mistakes were made at the Epic offices and presumably put Battle Stars instead of XP. Altogether it gives you 35 levels for free. Loads of players posted their images on social media and you have to assume Epic will patch this very quickly!

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