Folding@home Campaign Working with Insane Power

Last week we wrote about how the folding@home campaign is helping towards the fight against Coronavirus, and how all of you PC gamers can do your part. Basically, research facilities around the world, such as Stanford University, require a lot of processing power to help them test for cures for a number of illnesses. Since announcing that PC owners can help, the processing power they can use has grown significantly, resulting in over 470 petaflops of processing power.

Just to put this into perspective, one petaflop would allow a computer to do one quadrillion floating point operations per second. This is obviously an obscene amount of power but it's all helping to drive one of the worst illnesses the world has seen, certainly in recent generations. It's a credit to gamers and other PC owners out there that something like this can be achieved. Let's hope that it has increased the chance of a cure or treatment being found so we can start to fight this ugly illness!