Fnatic Manager Reveals The Secret To How Players Stay On Top of Their Game

It makes sense: stay on top of your fitness game and everything else becomes easier. Gaming can be intense and surprisingly high-energy, so staying fit and eating right is becoming an increasing priority to top teams around the world. Fnatic co-manager, Carl Hagberg Flick, revealed that all of their players have free gym memberships, physiotherapists and regular reviews that consist of stretching exercises to shake off big sessions. Stretches focus on the elbows and wrists, as repetitive stress on these parts can cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, responsible for career-damaging injury. Special “wrist trainers” are commonplace for the London-based and legendary team. Hagberg Flick reckons esports teams will eventually have “the same setup as football clubs have”, as personal fitness trainers specialising in esports are already emerging. Some of the Fnatic team even have their own personal chef to keep them at the top of their game, mentally and physically. Pro gamers often stream for over 10 hours a day - making them susceptible to sustained injuries and making it obvious why teams would have measures in place to combat this. Here at Druid Gaming we want to raise awareness of this - it’s not just the wrists that are affected by a long session, looking after your back, neck, eyes and brain are equally as important. Get stretching - the personal chef will come when you make your first million from streaming!

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