Final Fantasy 7 Remake still to be Released on April 10, but Deliveries may be Late 

Amidst the hysteria of the Coronavirus, and all of the confusion and panic it has caused, some good news emerges. Square Enix, the developers behind the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake, have said that the game will still be released on April 10 as planned.

Those that have purchased digital copies of the game will still be able to access the game on time, however those who haven't may not be so lucky. The retail and logistics sectors have been hit pretty hard by the pandemic, meaning deliveries to shops and to homes may be more difficult than normal, resulting in some players having to wait for their physical copy of the game.

Square Enix have said they are monitoring the situation daily, and working close with their retailers to ensure as many people get their game on day 1. Overall this is good news in a tough time and hopefully more games and consoles will continue continue as planned.