Dying Light: Bad Blood

It's Battle Royale.. Yep another title is adding the extremely popular game mode under its belt, however Dying Light does change up the formula quite significantly. Here's how, firstly as with other Battle Royale games where often 100 players are running around the map in 'Bad Blood' that number is a simple 12 - However in Dying Light fashion you will not just be battling it out against other players but also swarms of zombies, let's be honest it would not be Dying Light without them present! The aim of the game is to claim the one available seat on the evac chopper to do this you have to survive as you would normally in a Battle Royale fighting other players but you also have a vital objective which is to collect blood samples from zombie hives, once you collect enough samples the chopper is sent to pick you up and all other players' task is to then hunt you down,  which if done so they can eliminate you steal your samples and fly away with a victory.

Dying Light Bad Blood offers a more close combat battle royale style which coupled with its PVE elements and use of the famous fast paced parkour we know from Dying Light makes it a more unique twist on the genre. The game is available now on steam early access where you can buy the founders pack for £15.49 it will also eventually be coming to console and when it is ready for full release it will be free to play however the founders pack will of course no longer be available then. The pack includes exclusive content such as legendary weapon skins and mask in game currency and the founders pass which gives players exclusive skins over the coming months. Do you think Dying Lights Battle Royale mode is an interesting twist on the genre?  Grab tickets for www.streamcon.co  and tell us all about it!   

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