Deadmau5 Suspended from Twitch for using Homophobic Slur

The well known Canadian DJ, Joe Zimmerman, AKA Deadmau5, has been suspended from Twitch after using a homophobic slur. In a heated moment whilst playing PUBG over the weekend, Deadmau5 called an opponent a "f*cking c*ck-sucking stream sniper", closely followed by the word "f*g". Excuse our profanity.

As a result, streaming platform Twitch have issued a ban for the DJ and streamer, as this type of language is strictly prohibited within their guidelines. Rightly so in our opinion, regardless of intent or direction, he is in the public eye and should not engage in encourage any homophobic language.

Apparently Deadmau5 has said he'll now quit Twitch altogether because of their double standards. He claims some people get away with things that others do not - and to be fair that shouldn't be happening. We're all for a bit of passion on stream but when it's directed negatively, there's no place for that - regardless of who the streamer is.

Let's keep it clean guys 🙌💜

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