Dead Cells: Indie Game With Twitch Interactions

 Dead Cells is an indie game made by ten man team 'Motion Twin' the game hit Consoles, PC and the Switch yesterday. It would seem Dead Cells has made quite the positive impression on the gaming community as it has managed to get positive reviews across the board and people seem to be really enjoying its Castlevania inspired action-platformer gameplay.

This is the type of title where those that enjoy older classic games can really sit back and enjoy, however one of its features is bringing in fans that perhaps wouldn't usually go for this style of game - That feature is its twitch interactions, which allows for viewers to take different forms of control within the game and get involved. For example someone within chat can be given the 'Captain Chicken' role which then gives this viewer full control over the healing ability within game, so every time the player hits heal the viewer in chat is given a whisper prompt if they wish to grant or deny that heal - Other interactions are available such as having command controls in boss fights, control over hidden chests, voting on upgrades and gameplay modifiers these are just to name a few.

With streaming being extremely popular it makes sense for games to think about the possibilities of adding interactions like this and perhaps we will start seeing this type of feature being used more in the future. So if Dead Cells is your usual type of game or not it may be worth jumping into some streams if you like the idea of being able to get more involved!

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