China's New Laws Made PUBG Replace Dying with 'Waving Goodbye'

China is currently undergoing a wave of change in its media sources such as movies, TV shows and video games. The changes are intended to reduce the level of exposure to violence that is easily accessible to the general public which of course includes many video games. One game which has been hit hard is Tencent's PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds). Tencent had originally removed PUBG from the market after struggling to satisfy the on going drive to reduce violence in video games, however what they replaced it with seems to have done the job.

The new game, which still shows many similarities to PUBG, is called 'Game for Peace' and it has some notable changes which may seem very unusual to those used to regular PUBG. Firstly, when you shoot someone there is no more red bloody spurting out of your opponent, instead there is a green mist. And seconly, but most unusually, when a player dies, instead of dropping on the ground like a corpse they will kneel down and wave goodbye instead. I must admit it does seem a little less brutal but it would take some getting used to if I was playing in China.

Take a look at the tweet from Svend Joscelyne below or watch a full clip of a Game of Peace in the video below.

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