Check out Ninja's new hair & gaming room!

 The biggest streamer on the planet, Ninja, continues to improve his stream with a new games room. A few months ago he announced he would be moving house with his wife, Jess. The move came soon after a new sponsorship deal with Red Bull and before the move he promised that his next gaming room would be next level. The past month or so Ninja has been keeping up the hype, showing that he has no intention of slowing down on his push to be the biggest streamer of all time.

Well today he ran his first of potentially many streams, with a new gaming room, and it hasn't failed to disappoint - however we're still not entirely sure where it's in his home yet! The room has a trippy graffiti style backing with his iconic Red Bull fridge behind him. Of course, being the massive Cosplay fan he is, Ninja couldn't resist bringing out a new crazy Dragonaball style haircut.

Looking dope as always Ninja!

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